Adrian is the owner of the AdrianXpression and House of Xpression brands. He has built an online presence from the ground up, mainly on Youtube, where his content has been viewed tens of millions of times over.  He has published ebooks, written articles like the one featured here, and hosts The Xpression Podcast

As an advocate, Adrian utilizes his platforms to raise awareness about issues that affect minorities—specifically, the black and LGBT communities. He uses a mix of entertainment and in-depth discussion to present topics like politics, pop culture, and current events to netizens around the globe. It’s quite fitting that he graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Master’s in Professional Communication because he calls upon his passion for both subject areas to fuel his ongoing efforts. Adrian works to expand his knowledge and reach so that his messages can maintain a safe space for those who are often disenfranchised and ignored in our society. Adrian’s core mission is to utilize his skills as a writer, speaker, vlogger, and overall creative to change the world around him for the better.


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