Xeraxia: Wrath of the God King

Xander is a 23-year-old Ember with dominion over a young dragon named Javelin. Ever since he was a child, Xander could produce and manipulate blue flame. The source of his power comes from another planet called Xeraxia, where magic is anything but scarce. There, his mother (once Queen of her country) is hiding from his super powerful, sadistic father who will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone and anything who opposes his violent, tyrannical rule as King. When the King’s threats reach Earth, Xander and his mother must find a way to deal with an impossible situation. Xander’s already difficult life is turned upside down as he tries to handle his social life, gay love life, and as he tries to control his powers. He’s forced to ask himself: Can he save his friends, Earth, and Xeraxia from impending doom before it’s too late?